Is It Advisable To Use The PRP Kit For The Hair Loss Treatment?

Are you facing any kind of problems with your hair? If yes, getting the treatment at a high time will be an advisable option. Thinning and loss of hair are the main problems that people normally face. As per the research done worldwide, it has been concluded that millions of males and females are facing these kinds of issues. This is a problem that people face after the age of 50-55; the main reason responsible for the hair loss is the increasing amount of stress and anxiety due to their busy schedules.

With the advancement in science and technology, there have been various methods that have been invented for treating the problem of hair loss. However, out of the various types of treatment, platelet-rich plasma is the one that is considered as the most trusted option in the current scenario.

PRP- a way to treat the hair loss treatment

Hair loss is an issue that every second person faces due to the unhealthy lifestyle that they are living. PRP has proved to be the best solution to treat the problems related to hairs. PRP is the substance that is taken out from the blood of the person, and then it is injected into their scalp so that it can help in healing the follicles and other tissues that are responsible for the hair growth of the person.

The extraction of the PRP is done with the help of the centrifuge-like mechanism that will help to separate the substance from the blood of the person. This will result in the number of proteins that are responsible for promoting the procedure of the healing.

After the complete research, it is also believed that this PRP Kit also helps treat the problem of baldness that the males are facing.

Does PRP work on the Los of the hairs?

As per the latest technology, it can be concluded that the PRP can be used for treating hair loss treatment in the best possible way. Although there are different results as per the yearly studies, we will discuss them in detail:

  • As per the 2014 study that was done on the 11 people, these people were found with androgenic alopecia, injecting 2 to 3 cubic centimeters of the PRP in the scalp for every 2 to 3 weeks. This increased the average number of follicles from 71 to 93 units. Therefore, as per this study, it can be declared that PRP helps in increasing the number of follicles that will be supporting healthy hairs.
  • As per a 2015 study that was done on the ten people who were receiving PRP injections for every 2 to 3 weeks for the three months showed a high percentage of the improvement in the growth of the hairs, and even the hairs got thickened. So this study also works as evidence that the PRP will provide the best possible treatment to the people suffering from these kinds of issues.

These studies help a person in making the conclusion that the PRP kit will be the best solution to face with the issue of hair loss and thinning of the hairs.

Is PRP a permanent solution for hair problems?

Though this is a treatment that will require certain sittings to get the best results. If the person goes through the treatment regularly, then he will be able to get the best hair for a longer period.

Sometimes the question arises in the mind of the person. Is the procedure a safe option? The answer to this question is yes; this is a method that will be the first option to improve the follicle cells responsible for the growth of the hairs. As a result, the person will be able to get healthy hairs that will remain for a lifetime.

No treatment in medical science is possible that does not have any kind of side effects. But the side effects of this treatment are so minimal that a person will not face with any kind of difficulty. The minor side effects that a person can overcome in some periods include nerve injury, blood vessel injury, muscles aches.

Before going to the PRP treatment, just make sure that you go through the complete health condition of the person who is going through this procedure. If the person’s health condition is alright, then there are chances that the person does not face any kind of difficulty.

Hopefully, it is clear that the PRP Kit treatment will be the best solution to overcome the problem of hair loss and thinning of hair. The only thing that the person will have to keep in mind is to select a reliable doctor who will provide the best quality of the services at a reasonable rate.

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