Best Way To Build Muscle

Freeweights are the best way to build muscle because they hit them most directly. Freeweights come in the form of barbells or dumbells. There are also lat machines, Smith machines, cables and various pieces of leg equipment that are included in the freeweight group. You should also include cardiovascular exercises at least three times per week. This will help you burn fat as you build good quality muscle. Whether you work out at a gym or at home, your goal is to build a well-balanced physique. That is, you want to build all the major muscle groups. A well balanced physique will enhance your athleticism and help you prevent injuries. Before you start a weightlifting program, decide what you want to achieve.

Do you want huge muscles like bodybuilders or do you just want to add ten or fifteen pounds of muscle? That way you can better design a workout plan to build muscle based on your goals. There are a number of workout routines that can be used to build muscle. Beginners sometimes start out working their entire body two or three days per week. More experienced weightlifters do a split-routine where they work one or more body parts on different days. You need to decide which routine works best for you. Exercises to build muscle for the chest include the flat bench press, incline press and both regular and incline flyes.

As with all bodyparts, it is best to stick with 8-10 reps to build muscle weight while occasionally dropping to a set of 3-6 reps to increase strength and size. Maxing-out with one rep can lead to injuries and is not recommended. We have found this the best way to gain muscle mass quickly. The best way to build muscle for the shoulders are to include power exercises such as the military press or seated dumbell press. Each shoulder or deltoid has three separate muscle groups, so you must also include front, side and rear laterals with dumbells. Then you can finish the shoulder workout off by doing barbell or dumbell shrugs to build your trapezius muscle. Build Muscle For Triceps A good workout routine to build muscle for the triceps should begin with either a seated or standing overhead tricep press.

Building big triceps requires a full stretch of the entire tricep. Pushdowns are another good exercise for building big triceps; and seated or parallel dips work the lower part of the tricep. Lat pulldowns and either barbell or one-arm rows are good for building your back muscles. Work your lower back with deadlifts or hyperextensions. The best way to build muscle for biceps are to begin with barbell curls; then do seated or standing dumbell curls. Finish off the biceps with either concentration or preacher curls to build peak. The best way to build muscle in the legs is to do squats for overall size and strength. Follow squats with leg presses then do hack squats for the outer thigh. Calf raises build muscle in the calves and seated calf raises are good for the lower calves or soleus muscles.

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